Even further North…

We took a most convoluted and poorly signposted road out to meet the local natives at Ft McKay (a Metis reservation to the North)- they seemed pleasant enough although there was a cemetary ominously close to our meeting spot. The native groups are wonderful for providing traditional land use information about areas we’re interested in.

I fear my survival in this new job will depend on my ability to learn a new language – the language of acronyms: EIA, HRA, TK/TLU, SOC…I’ve already forgotten some I’m sure, perhaps I should start recording this strange language.

Our field progress is greatly hampered by the ceaseless rain and thunderstorms – they’ve estimated 40-50mm by tomorrow afternoon. Incidentally, even if we wanted to go out, it would seem that those great hovering beasts, helicopters, do not do well in thunderstorms. Ft McKay cemetary


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