Get to da chopper!

It was a half day today, we were chased out of the field by rather fierce-looking thunderstorms moving in from all directions post-haste. If a storm moves in quickly we have to get out before it moves in otherwise we are stuck on the ground until it passes by, and if night falls by that point we’re stuck in the field until morning.

Since we were out before the storm caught up to us, we decided to fly around some of the local lakes and look for some historical sites that needed photographing. Some were rather unspectacular but there was a decent cabin at the one site, and we had a couple of eagles that kept flying past the windows – must have been near their nest.

Thus far the work has been much less intense than I was expecting. The walking is beyond treacherous (I have a good many bruises to verify this), but we’ve put in relatively few test pits – I feel like we should be doing more, working faster but I’m sure that will come next week when we have the argo and can move across the terrain with greater ease. We’ll also be switching crew leaders next week (this week we had Rob and next week we have Yvonne), so it will be interesting to see how differently they operate. Rob seems rather laid back while I am not quite sure Yvonne is like that.

I thought there would be more birds. The woods are oddly quieter than I thought they would be. There are fewer small animals, no cheerful chatter in the trees. Just insects, lots and lots of insects – big ones at that.


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