Cultural Pursuits

I have found my rustic boardwalks and dusty trails! They exist at the Heritage Park, a rather quaint little place depicting the local history (minus any mention of how the natives fit into the whole process). There’s an odd hermit that lives right in the middle of the museum, we were requested not to go poking around his house though (how disappointing).

I feel like this discovery in the museum helps me to justify my love of gin – it’s for the good of my kidneys!


We explored the Oil Sands Discovery Centre as well. It was interesting to see how they managed to put such a positive spin on everything: look at the ingenuity of man! look at the big equipment we use! look at how nicely we clear the area! Come now, it’s called clear-cutting and deforestation. I think my favourite display was the one discussing the use of nuclear devices to create caverns underground where the liquified oil would pool and then could be extracted with great ease. Aren’t humans clever! And when they start sprouting multiple arms and legs from the radiation they’ll be even more productive.


After such a riveting bit of culture and education, drinks on a patio were in order. I had a good chat with one of the girls I work with, Angie. We have a fair bit in common and seem to get along well. This is her first foray into CRM work, so we tend to have a lot of the same questions – it’s nice to have a partner in confusion.


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