Under the Red Sun

Forest fires rage to the north and east of us, the smoke hangs thick in the air and gives the sun a red fierceness. Thankfully they are far enough away that we can continue toiling away.

I awoke to a horrifically mutated arms, I have three bites that seem to have swollen beyond belief. I suspect them to be black or horse fly bites, but the reaction is extreme and causing a bit of concern – they’re very big and hot feeling. But I shall give it a bit of time before I look to have it lanced open or drained with leeches.

Still getting over the feeling of being useless in the field. I have trouble getting my bearings (but that’s not surprising – I get lost all of the time), but more importantly I still feel lost concerning the archaeology side of things. I suddenly don’t feel confident that I’ll recognize a flake or artefact if I see one. I question everything I come across – I hate being back at this stage. I know it’ll get better, I just hope that it is sooner rather than later.

We slung in the argo today, what a difference that makes! We are able to speed around the entire area instead of struggling slowly to walk a few kilometers a day. Our progress should be much better henceforth. We’ve decided to start at the most northern extreme and work our way south. We scout out areas that look like they might be ideal for a camp to be, we fan out and dig numerous test pits to see if we can come across any remains of said camp. It’s not overly systematic but with such a large area to cover it is the best we can do for now.

We play Marco Polo in the forest to locate each other once we’ve spread out. Like little bats searching in the dark we search amongst the moss and trees. Our wildlife sightings on the ground have been minimal thus far: 1 feisty squirrel, and 1 rather curious bunny. Black bears and moose have been spotted whilst flying in and out but thankfully they’ve left us to our digging.


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