Land of Whipping Willows and Spiders

The early morning trips out to site have been quite fantastic lately. The nights are getting increasingly cooler which makes for some lovely fog in the mornings.

We fixed up the argo once a new belt was retrieved from town, the old belt had nicely wedged itself into the machinery so it was not quite the 5 min. fix we thought it would be. And yes, he told me that was the most effective position to be in to remove the damaged belt…

We’ve moved onto our next project, the swamp lands are all done for now. Instead we now must contend with the land of whipping willows and spiders. No matter what speed we drive at the willows seem to know exactly how to whip us in the most painful of places – usually the face. It’s a rather constant onslaught as we try to explore the lease area. We also quickly discovered that once we had escaped the willows and were in the safety of the less-whippy trees, we had ventured into some sort of spider paradise. They were everywhere, in all colors and sizes, and they got everywhere – your clothes, your hair, under your clothes…We were all covered in spiderwebs continually. You would think with this many spiders in the area they would have eaten everything else that was tiny and insect-like.

Thankfully our helicopter pilot rescues us every day at noon and whisks us off to magical places for lunch that are free of spiders. Sometimes we go to the bridge, sometimes it is the little island in the middle of the river, others times it’s a nice spot on the riverside with a good fishing spot. He’s got a collapsible rod he’ll bring out it the spot looks good. These are the moments when you have to remind yourself that you’re being paid. Of course then you return to spiderland and feeling like you’re not paid enough…





At least this lease looks like there will be plenty of area for us to test, in fact a bit too much area perhaps. Best case scenario we’ll have to dig 100 test pits a day and pray that there are no rain days.

It’ll also be lots of walking since there are only a couple of access roads and the areas are quite big. At least I hope we’ll stay warm with all the moving around!

Fall is here!


One response to “Land of Whipping Willows and Spiders

  1. It is so Kool to read about all of your adventures…or at least most of them. I’m sure there are adventures you are not posting! It makes for a wonderland of imagination…Hugs from the deep parries.

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