The Coming of Winter

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I’ve been out of the field for a bit now, our last shift up north was good. Well good in the sense that we got work done – sometimes (but alas, we did not find anything cool and archaeological). As the weather continued to cool off it brought with it a fog that Stephen King […]

Birthday in the Field

I wish I could say that it was an all-around great day but the morning started off on a suspiciously bad foot. We don’t have our regular, awesome pilot (apparently it is more important that he be fighting forest fires up near Fort Chip – the nerve of some people!), our new pilot seems less confident and is full of a nervous kind of energy. But he plopped us onto our lease area and went off to bring us our argo.

In the mean time we started doing a bit of walking, hoping to find the river. Instead we found muskeg. It was soupy and unpleasant and by the time we were done all of us had boots full of muskeg water. This threatened my mood greatly as my feet squished about with each step. Once the trapped water warmed up a bit it wasn’t quite so bad but I’m pretty sure I could feel my toes getting more and more pruny.

Once we had the argo, the muskeg was almost a joy to pass through. We did a bit of testing (where I discovered a very nice obsidian point one of my crafty crew mates had slipped into my test pit for me) and I got to run down a few sizeable trees which was fun. We did find the river crossing, although getting the argo to the bank proved a bit tricky but once it was in the water we simply floated across – oddly, we could only steer when going in reverse…

We tested a bit and then tried to head back across the river. However, the current had picked up and we were no longer able to direct the argo at all. We were forced to simply enjoy a lovely float down the river until we were able to eventually maneuver ourselves close enough to the bank (with the aid of a poor shovel that was inadvertently sacrificed to the river gods in the process) that we could winch ourselves back onto solid ground.

As we cruised about trying to get to the next test site a storm rolled in and we quickly fled the area, but there was a splendid rainbow on the flight home to help balance out the rain.

We topped the day off with some champagne, cakes shaped like skulls and a nice dinner – overall, a pretty decent birthday.