The Coming of Winter

I’ve been out of the field for a bit now, our last shift up north was good. Well good in the sense that we got work done – sometimes (but alas, we did not find anything cool and archaeological). As the weather continued to cool off it brought with it a fog that Stephen King would be proud of. Unfortunately helicopter pilots can’t fly if they can’t see the ground (such wimps), so we had many a leisurely breakfast while we waited for the sun to cut through and break up the fog.

The trees had all gone a brilliant yellow or orange by the end as well. I loved looking down from the helicopter as we land – you can see all the fallen leaves scattered beneath the trees like little golden medallions (all I want to do really is search for buried treasure, archaeology is just an attempt to make it seem more legitimate).

However, once on the ground I kind of hate those medallions of death – they coat the wet logs making them even more slick than before and they have this magical ability where they obscure all of the deep holes and twisted branches that would love to break your ankles.

We also noted that we had one of those ‘first-world problems’ – we didn’t like our helicopter pilot. He wasn’t nearly as fun as the last one and there was no way he was taking us to a fun lunch spot – he had trouble finding a dry spot to let us out each day. Oh the burden of our lives! Fortunately he kind of screwed us over the one day so we were able to trade him in for a new pilot. The next one was far better: he was pleasant to deal with, confident in his abilities, he took us to a new lunch spot, and he didn’t have two little fuzzy patches on the back of his head where he missed when shaving….

Additionally, my apologies to everyone living south of Fort McMurray, I am pretty sure that on that last day, as we were driving south to get home, we were pulling winter behind us like a great, grey blanket. It was just starting to snow as we left the city and it stayed with us the entire 10hr drive. I’m sorry, I dodn’t mean to do it. Perhaps I can distract you from the cold with some pretty pictures though!

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