The Winds of Change

It’s been ages since I posted, apologies! I assumed winter would be a filled with several months of quietly working away on reports, countless rounds of edits and submissions to the government. And, for the first little while that was the case. Alas, it was not to last.

Around Christmastime things started to go downhill between my immediate boss and the head of the company. Eventually in a fit of frustration my boss quit. Sadly no one at the company seemed to understand what that actually meant for the company. Without a permit holder we can’t do any fieldwork or start any new projects…


I distracted myself from the stress of work with adventures out into the mountains.

Things seemed to get progressively worse after that. We tried to finish the reports as best we could to meet the deadlines the government had given us, as well as the clients; although, we were winging it a bit since we lacked mentorship. It was also exhausting to continually have to explain what it is our job entails to our bosses. We received little support and even less communication. The atmosphere continued to become more tense and anxious as the months passed – we could see that no new work was coming in and they were not doing anything to bring in new clients or a new permit holder. We expected a layoff eventually, but in the end they decided to fire us based on vague, unclear reasons.

While the president was firing me, he kept referring to some ‘incident’ and when I asked for clarification he told me that he ‘didn’t feel like getting in to it right then’. Awesome. He then goes on to tell me that I should take what I’ve learned and apply it to my next job so that this won’t happen again – how can I avoid doing something if I don’t know what it was I did? Nothing was ever written up, I was never reprimanded for anything…I’ve never felt so belittled, being escorted out of the building like a common criminal.

So that was the low point of things. However, the next day I started my own business – eek! I now have my very own little numbered company. I’ll predominantly be doing work for my old boss who seems to have a rather booming business at the moment, but I’ll work for anyone who will pay me!

So, hopefully this is the beginning of something good, I’m nervous about the consistence of work but I’m sure that would be the case regardless of when I attempted this. I have had some fun forays out into the field already, but I will write more about that soon!


2 responses to “The Winds of Change

  1. Always seems that way…something confusing and not good before something clear and interesting…you will always do well Rachel. Luv ya…

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