Small Town Quirkiness

I try to keep my posts to archaeology but this was far to awesome to keep to myself, and it is one of the unexpected joys of staying in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere – they all have their own little claim to fame. After this morning’s very dull safety orientations that took far less time than we had budgeted, we went off exploring since we can’t start work until tomorrow. What we found was the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum – they’re world famous!

The museum consists of a two room structure filled with almost 50 dioramas of stuffed gophers (well strictly speaking they are Richardson ground squirrels, but close enough). It was a brief stop and cost us all of $2 entry fee, but it was well worth it. If you are ever remotely close I would recommend stopping in, the ancient little old lady that works there will be all too pleased to show you around and tell you all about the rare albino gophers and the black ones.

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