Catastrophes with Quads

Sometimes I think our projects are cursed because of all the things that go wrong. I was initially excited about our last project because this time we were going to use quads – finally that expensive training would pay off! But our troubles began before we even got on the quads.


Let’s quad somewhere majestic!

The website we used to book the hotel rooms neglected to send on our reservation to the hotel until the day we were to arrive, thus they had no room for use and we had to stay in a Whitecourt, an hour further away.


Look at how puny it is!

The first day out all of our roads disintegrated into construction, in the end it took us 4 hours to even get to our area. When we tried to offload the quads, one of them wouldn’t start. After much fiddling around the quad started, but the chain from the ramp was stuck in between the boards of the trailer. A few well-placed hatchet hits freed it though! Of course then we couldn’t find one of the quad keys…

Once we finally got on the quads , I realized my tragic physical flaw that prohibits me from driving a quad very well – I have mutant little thumbs, I can hardly reach the gas lever. I feel that I may have to look into some sort of thumb extender for next time.


Just hanging out in my gully

The next day I managed to fall about 5 feet backwards into a dry gully. Luckily my head and shoulder broke my fall. Later, when we attempted a rather steep slope M. almost flipped her quad, mine just decided to die midway down the slope. After much man-handling we got both quads safely back up the slope and said ‘forget you!’ to that hill.

On the third day out we ended up on a winter road – meaning it is best traveled when frozen, it was not. The road continued to get progressively worse, and about the point we thought to turn around was the point we became hopelessly stuck in mud. DSCN1372(1)We thought about unhooking the trailer, see if less weight would help free us, but the key for the trailer lock was back at the hotel. In the end, we off-loaded the quads and drove back to some men clearing trees back down the road. In the end, the guy driving the tree mulcher pulled us out using an obscenely big tow hook. He graciously cleared us a turn around area, and then we promptly got stuck going back through the same mudholeDSCN1376(1) and had to be pulled out again.

Some days it is a wonder that we manage to get anything accomplished.


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