Holes in the Prairies


Oooh a hat full of artefacts from the first couple of days!

My my how time flies when you’re busily trying to complete fieldwork before the onslaught of fall and winter. Last month we furiously dug a buried campsite, or at least what we hoped would be one. Our initial shovel tests were so promising! Fire broken rock, bone and flakes – all this points towards a buried campsite. 20130923_155154

What we found was far from exciting, but we all put forth a valiant effort of ramming our shovels into the cement-like prairie for days on end to make giant empty holes, which we then ceremoniously refilled. The first units we excavated seemed to give up a decent amount of artefacts, but as we progressed these dwindled to a paltry amount.

20130925_103538But now I have excellent practice at excavating empty holes, I could have done without the fiercely blowing wind every day though. That is one benefit of forest work, at least the wind is muted by the trees. But despite the wind and the frosty mornings I still managed to get a sunburn on the last day, I am a special one.

Since we didn’t find much of note, our client will be allowed to proceed with putting their line transmission line through the area. DSCN1379Work was already being carried out adjacent to us, and despite the numerous safety orientations we had to go through they neglected to tell us of the explosions they would be using to tighten up the wires….the ones that could blow out our truck windows…We had to wear hard hats while in the middle of the prairies but no ear protection for that – I love how misguided safety can be.