A beautiful display of feathers and beading

I know, as always, that it’s been ages since I last posted and I may have mentioned something about discussing Feature 10 some more, but now that seems so far past and done with. I’m sure I will return to it though, as it was pretty cool. A the moment I thought I would share some photos from the Samson powwow that we were invited to by some of the First Nations participants that have been working along side of us during this never-ending project.

It was quite the honor, we were invited to be part of the grand entry – both an honor and a bit unnerving as we were hurried into the line-up and told to just ‘dance in’. There was a bit of nervousness initially but it was quite amazing to stand in the center with rings of brightly colored, ornately dressed participants dancing around us to the loud, infectious drumming.

A part of me could understand how some of the early settlers would have been alarmed seeing such a display for the first time. Not that there was anything especially menacing about the dancing but it is so beautifully different from the forms of dance I learned growing up, their facial expressions so fiercely proud. I’ve been to powwows before, but I’ve never been in amongst the dancers before, the emotion and feeling was quite overwhelming. Part of me wanted to take pictures, to try and capture all the colors and the movement, but I didn’t want to cheapen the moment or offend anyone by taking their picture, so in the end I simply enjoyed it.

The photos I did take were of the dance competitors afterwards; I love the young

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children, there is something so earnest in them. We stayed for the young dancers and the women, but unfortunately had to leave before the men took their turn dancing.


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