Waiting, Still Waiting….

Still playing the waiting game with work which has me both angry and frustrated. I know it’s the nature of field work – the client has to get the info to us, then comes the permit application, and then hoping the government will like it. Plus the arky department is fairly new to the company I’m with, so I suspect that is also causing a bit of chaos. But it is frustrating to sit around while I know 5 other people in the same field who are working virtually non-stop. I don’t handle this much time-off very well – I don’t need it yet! Plus I want to be learning as much as I can right now, there must be office things I can be learning.
To stave off the insanity that doubtlessly comes on the heels of too much time off, I’ve been exploring the Cottonwood area. It’s a beautiful area filled with dozens of types of animals; it’s so peaceful down there. I’m not sure why no one goes down there, perhaps because the area is filled with rattlesnakes as well…but it is nice to have the area to yourself (unless of course you encounter said rattlesnakes, then you’re going to wish you had a friend to carry you back up the hillside).  

However, last time I was down there I most certainly did not take enough water with me. After wandering around for a bit I thought it might be a good idea to go for a wade in the river to cool off a bit – best idea ever! However once I got started  it was hard to stop and I ended up going for a swim, without a swimsuit…. the water was just so inviting! I even had one of the beavers come out of his lodge for a bit of a swim with me.

After paddling around for a bit I found a bandana in my bag, used it as a tiny towel, and then sat in the sun in my underwear drying off a bit more. Looking around I saw off to my left, at the bend in the river, a fawn was enjoying the cool water as well.  Wanting a closer picture of it, but not wanting it to slip away, I slipped on my hiking boots and began stalking through the long grass towards the bend. Keeping an eye on both the fawn ahead of me and the spot on the rocks where I had left all of my clothing, I made it fairly close before the fawn headed back up the bank and into the trees. As soon as it did disappear, I realised how immensely thankful I was that the area has so few visitors as I looked down at my state of dress/undress. Perhaps next time I’ll just remember to take more water with me.